Create a Toasty Haven with Patio Blinds for the NZ winter
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Create a Toasty Haven with Patio Blinds for the NZ winter

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- March 20, 2023

Have you been dreaming about creating a warm and inviting space to enjoy during the cold NZ winter months? Great call! We have created hundreds if not thousands of outdoor enclosures with patio blinds over the years. It’s a great way to make your space more usable and enjoyable, and our customers continue to use them for years into the future. 

In this article, we share our experience and advice to get your cosy outdoor space feeling ‘just right’. 

At Sunshade our patio blinds are an easy and stylish way to keep the chill away, while protecting your outdoor area from wind and rain. Read on for tips and information on how outdoor blinds can help create you a year-round sanctuary this winter.  

Why patio blinds in NZ?

Patio blinds provide a great way to protect your outdoor area from the elements, while creating a sheltered and inviting space. They can help keep warmth in and cold air out, making it much easier to enjoy being outdoors during colder months. Outdoor blinds also block wind, so you don’t have to worry about furniture or decorations blowing away on windy days.  

They’re also a great investment – significantly less than the cost of adding another room to your house, but radically enhancing the amount of usable space you have available every day. 

At Sunshade all our patio blinds are designed for New Zealand conditions, with superior protection against rain, wind, and harsh UV rays.  

Considering the options for your blinds

Outdoor Patio Blinds by Sunshade NZ
Gallery image closeup manual clear PVC screens

There are many different types of patio blinds available to suit any outdoor space, from traditional curtains to roller shades and more.  

At Sunshade, we provide two different types of patio blinds – Ziptrak® blinds and manual roll-up blinds 

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are designed for convenience with a track system that allows the blind to be opened and closed quickly and easily. They also come with lockable arms for extra security against strong winds.  

Manual roll-up patio blinds are perfect for spaces where the budget  might not stretch to a Ziptrak® system but you could still benefit from a custom fit.  

Both options come in a range of stylish mesh colours or clear PVC to suit any outdoor area. 

Don’t forget the essentials

Ziptrak clear PVC screens half down

When looking at blinds, be sure to consider the size and shape of your patio area, as well as how much light you want to let in when choosing which patio blind will work best for your space. Do you desire a custom fit, or are you happy with off-the-shelf? 

Quality, strength, and longevity is another important factor to remember. If you want yours to last, you’re in the right place. 

Our Sunshade crew are well versed in these products, so making a choice can be easy with the right advice. No matter your space, we’d enjoy discussing your needs to find something that works for you.  

What’s going to work best in your environment? 

Ziptrack blinds installation for covered verandah in Auckland showing view from the inside with screens down

As well as the size and shape of your patio area, and how much light or shade you need, it’s helpful to think about what kind of material will work best for you based on the type of climate you live in.  

Different materials can offer different levels of heat insulation and sun protection. At Sunshade our team can help you design an outdoor screen system that includes quality materials as standard to ensure both comfort and style.  

Also keep in mind any existing decor or furniture that could be impacted by new patio blinds. You’ll want something that adds to rather than detracts from your outdoor space and keeps your furniture and home interiors in nice condition. 

How easy are they to operate?

One often overlooked area is to consider the ease of use and safety when selecting patio blinds. Sunshade patio blinds such as Ziptrak® motorised patio screens offer plenty of convenience with their easy-to-use tracks, no cords or pulleys, and secure operation. Many customers are also happy to operate their Ziptrak® screen with a simple pull-down stick that can be included.  

In the case of manual roll-up blinds, these are what they say on the packet, so it’s a bit more of a hands-on process to roll them up and down.  

Motorised options can also be powered by solar energy, such as the SolarSmart unit we can offer with our Ziptrak® systems. 

Clear PVC or mesh?

Sunshade example of clear and dark outdoor blinds for outdoor to protect living area

At Sunshade, we offer patio blinds in both mesh and clear PVC options. Mesh patio blinds are an ideal solution if you’re looking to keep out the wind while still maintaining a view and letting in natural light. The breathable material helps create an environment that is comfortable year-round, without sacrificing your scenic views.  

Clear PVC patio blinds provide superior protection against rain and wind, as well as having great heat insulation properties for added warmth during wintertime.  

For your patio blind enclosure you might like to mix and match between the two (we go further on this in our earlier article here). Many of our customers choose this option to provide shade where the summer sun is prevalent, and let the views and light in where the winter sun can provide warmth.  

Let’s talk about safety

Havelock North Village Kids ECE Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds NZ from inside

From a health & safety perspective, a complete patio blind enclosure needs to be able to be easily opened in the event of an emergency.  Additionally, outdoor blinds act as a physical barrier between you and many of the nasty insects or pests that might be lurking in your outdoor area during winter.  

Consider also any children or animals that may be in your space. If there are pets or small children rocking around, you might prefer to get patio blinds without cords so they don’t get tangled up in them (our Ziptrak® blinds do not have cords).  

Additionally, if you want something that’s easy to use every day, look for patio blinds that operate via remote control – this way you can easily adjust the opening and closing of your patio blind from the comfort of your cushy deck chair. 

To sum it up: decent patio blinds can really bring the cosy factor

Ziptrak outdoor screens by 0800 Sunshade NZ Grey mesh outdoor blinds create shade on outdoor deck dinning table with views over water

Quality patio blinds are an ideal way to create a warm and inviting space throughout the colder months. They offer protection against wind, rain and other elements while keeping warmth in and cold air out. Designed and installed well, they’ll also provide invaluable protection come spring and summer. 

Ready to create your own safe harbour from the elements?

At Sunshade our team of local experts can walk you through the options for creating a custom screen solution for your space. Each piece of the puzzle will be customised to fit your needs and your space in the way that will work for you. 

We invite you to learn more about our Ziptrak patio blinds or manual roll-up blinds here, and get in touch if you’re keen for a quote. 

Reach out to our team today! 

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