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Pole Pads

Accidents happen, but we understand you need to feel you’ve done the best you can to prevent harm in the first place.

An unintended consequence of having exposed poles and shade sail posts near play areas is the risk that an exuberant kidlet may run into one by accident.

Pole pads are the perfect precautionary measure to make play areas a safe zone.

Made from soft foam and wrapped in a robust PVC covering, they are then fitted securely by zip to cover the exposed poles. The zip, instead of velcro, makes the attachment to the pole much more secure.

With the addition of pole pads to your play areas, the impact of any harm from collision is significantly reduced.


Key features

Sunshade Shade sails key feature - textiles

Attached by zip (stronger than velcro)

Lockable option for overnight security

Sunshade shade sails key features - swatch

Choose from a range of fun colours

Sunshade Shade sails key features - UV protection

Strong UVR performance PVC to last in the sun

Soft pads greatly reduce harm, providing reassurance for parents and safety for tamariki

Sunshade Shade sails key features - locally made

High quality NZ manufacture for NZ conditions


Pole pads from Sunshade can be covered in a range of popping colours. Invite the element of fun and sensory engagement and brighten up your play area.

Ask us about the colour options available.

Lockable Options

Have confidence after you lock the school gate. Tell us your needs and we can work out an appropriate locking mechanism to make security and maintenance that little bit easier.


If you have exposed poles in your space, our local experts will custom measure and quote your pole pads, manufacture them here in NZ and install them to perfectly fit your needs and budget.

Contact your nearest Sunshade specialist and let’s get it sorted.

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