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Outdoor Shade Structures

If a tensioned shade sail doesn’t fit the bill, we have a range of customised structures to give sturdy protection from the sun and rain.

Shade structures, unlike tensioned shade sails, are made of shade cloth or PVC tensioned over a galvanised steel frame. We can also fit your textile to existing structures like hip roofs.

At Sunshade, we have the experience to customise these structures to provide a lasting solution for your project.

Why choose sunshade

Key features

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Award winning tensioned structure installers

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High performance textiles designed to withstand NZ conditions

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Choose a Waterproof PVC in a range of modern textures and colours

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Exceptional UV reduction rating to protect those under its care

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Custom CAD designed to fully visualise and perfect your project

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Installed according to engineering specs for peace of mind

Style options

Cantilevered Outdoor Shade

Our Aerospan design is cantilevered on a single row of galvanised steel poles. Custom designed, the PVC is tensioned across the frame to ensure a waterproof and UV protected space underneath.

Sunshade’s outdoor shade structures can cover a large footprint, with relatively limited intrusion by the supporting uprights. They provide excellent internal height with minimal ‘sun-creep’ from the lower perimeter.

The cover on the structure also has less stress on it in strong winds thanks to the supporting frame.

Custom Fit to a Roof Shape

Sometimes you have a square, rectangle shape to a structure or roof, or even a hexagonal hip roof.

In this case we can look to design and fabricate a PVC shade product that will stretch across the desired angles and provide the roof covering you require.

High Performance Shade Textiles & PVC

At Sunshade we only work with high quality, high performance fabrics. We’ll help you choose the best textile for your space, factoring in all the elements of sun, shelter and how the space will be used.

Our world-class PVC and textile products have been proven on the international stage as well as meeting the AS/NZ standards for UVR, fire resistance and strength.

In working with our local experts, we’ll help deliver you a project that will provide superior protection and be enjoyed for years to come.

Ready to create a superior space?

Our shade structure design concepts have been popular for council and community spaces, schools, homes and in commercial environments here in NZ. If you like the idea, let’s work together to determine a design to fit your area and requirements.

Contact your nearest Sunshade specialist and let’s get your project underway.

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