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Waterproof Shade Sails

Invite architectural style into your outdoor area and keep it bone dry. With waterproof shade sails you can have the best of both worlds.

Using the industry performance textile, Rainbow Shade’s DRiZ, we can create a waterproof area underneath your shade sail that is designed to channel the rain away from your outdoor living area or play equipment.

In certain scenarios, a waterproof shade sail can be a valuable option – ask us for an expert opinion on the most appropriate sunshade solution for your space.

Why choose sunshade

Key features

Sunshade shade sails key features - style

Award winning shade sail installers

Sunshade Shade sails key feature - textiles

Premium DRiZ waterproof shade cloth for durability

Sunshade shade sails key features - swatch

Choose from a modern colour palette

Sunshade Shade sails key features - UV protection

High UV reduction to protect everyone in your care

Sunshade Shade Sails key features - selection

Easy care and maintenance

Sunshade Shade sails key features - locally made

Custom designed and made here in NZ

Specialist shade sail design process

At Sunshade we use hi-tech 3D software to design your shade sail and make sure it is positioned correctly for the sun, to provide the shade that you need.

We also incorporate your requirements for privacy and other must-have features into the design. Once production is underway, your shade sail is engineered, designed, and certified to the highest standards.

Enjoy the quality of custom-made

When comparing with off-the-shelf products there is simply no comparison. By using our mix of high-quality posts, textile, componentry, design and installation you will ensure your shade sail stays where it should, causes no damage to your property, and protects the people enjoying it for years to come.

Find your local expert

High performance shade cloth textiles

Our local experts have considerable experience to help you choose the best fabric for your shade sail, to ensure you are happy with the space long after completion. Specially designed for the harsh climate of Australasia, the quality fabrics selected for you will work and last.

Our preferred shade textile is the Z16 shade cloth which has a reputation for quality that is unmatched. The Z16 UV reduction factors are amongst the best in the industry.

We also offer a range of other fabrics to suit your needs, including where you require extra strength, full rain protection, the capacity to create large-scale shade sails, and the added features and benefits of specialist textiles and coatings.

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  • Driz Colours

DriZ offers a high-performance, waterproof shade fabric option



UVR Block: 99%
Shade: 97%


UVR Block: 94.4%
Shade: 91.5%

Desert Sand

UVR Block: 97%
Shade: 89%

Navy Blue

UVR Block: 93%
Shade: 93%


UVR Block: 96%
Shade: 96%

Silver Grey

UVR Block: 97%
Shade: 93%

Ready to bring your space to life?

Invest in beautiful, tensioned waterproof shade sails that are made to withstand our harsh New Zealand conditions, manufactured here in NZ by our Sunshade design and fabrication experts, and exacted to suit your requirements and budget.

Contact your nearest Sunshade specialist and let’s get your project underway.

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