Everything you need to know about outdoor blinds and screens for NZ homes
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Everything you need to know about outdoor blinds and screens for NZ homes

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- August 4, 2022

How do you feel when stepping out onto your patio? Is it tidy, does it feel inviting, warm when it needs to be, shaded when it needs to be, and nice and private?

At Sunshade, we work with many spaces across NZ that are great outdoor areas but could be really taken to the next level of comfort with outdoor blinds.  

If you feel like outdoor blinds or privacy screens could really lift your enjoyment of your outdoor space, this article is here to help you consider the options from all angles.  

Side note: our focus here is on Ziptrak® NZ blinds, which is a core product we offer. However the insights here will apply to most systems. We fully recommend Ziptrak® because our business has a focus on quality, and we know it to be one of the best on the market. 

Outdoor blinds and screens for NZ homes – what do you need to know? 

You’ll need an existing roof structure or pergola to attach to 

It might seem obvious but have a think about your existing outdoor patio structure. Does it have a strong place where screens could be attached to? 

If so, that’s a great start and we can consult with you on exactly what fixing and fitting requirements would work best for your situation.  

If reinforcing or slight alterations are required, we can usually work to that to retrofit your outdoor blinds snugly and tidily within your existing aesthetic. 

The other option is that you may be building or planning to build a new outdoor roof or pergola. If this is the case, we recommend getting an experienced outdoor blind installer like us involved in the process as early on as possible, to avoid delays and get the details correct from the get-go.  

Also realise that in many cases your blinds may need to be ordered after the roof is in place, to ensure final measurements are accurate before fabricating the custom blinds and fitting them onsite. So you might have to wait a few extra weeks before you can enjoy your new blinds under the new roof – but trust us, the wait will be worth it! 

Alitex Aluminium Pergola Canopies oof and Outdoor Privacy Screen Installed by Sunshade NZ Hamilton Waikato
Ziptrak outdoor screens by 0800 Sunshade NZ

Outdoor blinds keep the heat in, but they don’t warm the space necessarily. 

Let’s say you have a patio heater, well with a roof to floor Ziptrak® enclosure (with quality bottom bar fixings to prevent draught), you will find the outdoor blinds will keep the warmth in to a good degree.  

This is true for both mesh and solid clear PVC outdoor blinds – the mesh still offers wind protection up to 95%! 

With the clear PVC outdoor blinds, during the day these can provide a wonderful suntrap in the NZ winter and spring/autumn sun.  During the summer months, these will still offer up to 93% UVR protection also, which comes as a surprise to many. 

Material choice – clear PVC or mesh screens? 

Ziptrak clear PVC screens half down

Diving further into textile choice, it really comes down to preference and your needs for the space. Some customers choose to mix and match, perhaps with a shade and privacy screen on one side, and clear PVC to catch the sun on other sides and have a clear view. 

One of the considerations with clear PVC also is keeping it visually clean. It’s not quite as high maintenance as a glass ranch slider – but you will still catch the fingerprints and doggy nose marks a little bit.  

In terms of trends, we see a movement towards the mesh PVC blinds in probably 60% of the work we do.  

One of the most eye-opening facts about mesh screens is the darker the colour, the more visibility you will have from inside, looking out the screens to your garden. So, light coloured screens offer less visibility than the darker shades. 

Ziptrak® blinds offer high rain protection 

Weather-protected outdoor spaces are just that – an outside space that is insulated from the sun, wind, and rain.  

There is no guarantee that any system will be 100% watertight – they are outside after all and tiny gaps do exist, and most patios are not truly level. But overall a system that allows a snug fit like Ziptrak® does offers incredibly strong weather protection. You might notice a small amount of rain running from underneath in a southerly, for instance, but overall you’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy the space even if it’s raining.  

A note here on mesh – it will be more porous than a solid PVC outdoor blind naturally – but it really depends on the positioning (the southern side, for example), and it’s these times where we can consult with you to consider your best choices for the space. 

Would you like an automated screen at the push of a button? Or are you happy to wind them up and down manually?  

Think about your needs today and into the future. If the ease of having automated outdoor blinds could be helpful in the future, consider adding them in from the outset, when it’s easiest to install. 

Our Ziptrak® outdoor blind systems offer both hard-wired and solar powered automation options, with a simple remote control. 

We can also customise manual roll-up blinds  if that’s more your thing. 

Roll-up PVC Outdoor Screens NZ

Pay attention to your budget, but also how much value you are adding to the home 

Outdoor blinds are a wonderful investment in the liveability of your property. Some people tend to think of the re-sale value first, or perhaps you tend to think more in terms of the value of personal enjoyment and protection.  

Whichever way you look at it, outdoor blinds extend your living area and the ability to use your space in whatever weather. However, patio blinds aren’t all created equal, and investing in a quality system with a quality installer helps to insulate you from issues and rework.  

Check warranties, after-sales support and whether the installation is carried out by an experienced professional.  

At Sunshade, we don’t mind if you ask us how long we’ve been in the trade, and how experienced we are with the product we’re working with. It’s all part of building trust and a transparent relationship with our customers.  

Ziptrak outdoor screens by 0800 Sunshade NZ

How much do outdoor blinds in NZ cost? 

If you’re ready to explore pricing and options, request a quote today 

Our work is 100% custom, so we’ll measure, consult and quote on a bespoke basis to suit your priorities, space, and budget. 

We would love to help you create a space that maximises your enjoyment and helps you feel great about it as soon as you step out onto the patio. 

Contact us

Hopefully we’ve covered all the bases, but if there’s something specific you would like to ask about NZ garden screens or outdoor blinds, we’d be more than happy to chat. 

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