The Shade7 Riviera: Could it be the best Cantilever Umbrella in NZ?
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The Shade7 Riviera: Could it be the best Cantilever Umbrella in NZ?

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- February 24, 2023

Is the Shade7 Riviera the best cantilever umbrella in NZ? We sure think so! With its luxurious design and features, it is perfect for any discerning kiwi home. From the shade it provides to the easy-to-use operation, the Riviera is certainly a step up from your average umbrella. Learn here why we think it’s the best of the best.

Introducing: the Shade7 Riviera cantilever umbrella

Yellow Shade7 Riviera Cantilever Umbrella NZ

At Sunshade, we believe the Shade7 Riviera cantilever umbrella offers the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. We should know – we’re installing them all the time!

This stylish and versatile sun umbrella is designed to keep you protected from the harsh New Zealand sun, so you can spend time outside in comfort. The cantilever design offers an elegant look, effortlessly adding a touch of opulence to your garden or deck. No centre poles, just uncluttered open space.

More than just looking good, this strong cantilever umbrella can adjust with you as the day goes on – allowing you to cast shade continuously around your area as the light shifts. Whether it’s a summer evening outdoors or a lazy afternoon in the sun, Shade7’s Riviera cantilever umbrella ticks many boxes.

What can this umbrella do?

Shade7 white Riviera Cantilever Umbrella - Square

For Kiwis in search of premium outdoor umbrellas, Sunshade’s cantilever umbrellas are the perfect balance of strength and durability. The Shade7 Riviera cantilever umbrella provides 360 degree finger-tip rotation operation with a stylish anodised aluminum frame and marine grade fabric.

Built to last, it is certified for use in NZ’s harsh UV conditions and is one of few cantilevers frequently used on high-end resorts and vessels. With the added benefit of blocking up to 98% of UV rays, the Riviera is a strong choice.

Note-worthy features include:

  • Full 360 degree rotation with 16 locking locations – no matter which way the sun is moving throughout the day, you’ll have maximum coverage
  • Infinity tilt system to get the spot just right
  • Built tough for windy locations – you can see it here on YouTube undergoing a consistent 40kph wind test
  • Folds tidily back to the mast when closed
  • Available in octagonal or square (in both 3m and 3.5m options)
  • 20 block colours and 5 striped colour options to choose from – allowing you to make a bright or bold statement to suit your taste
Shade7 Riviera Cantilever Umbrella Features

Boasting a streamlined, elegant aesthetic, the Riviera offers a touch of luxe to any outdoor area, delivering the perfect level of understated opulence. We are regularly installing them at residential poolsides, patios, decks as well as in commercial spaces such as eateries and staff shared spaces.

With the Riviera you can relax, unwind and enjoy life without worrying about whether your umbrella is up to the task.

So, how does it stack up?

Compared to other sun umbrellas available in NZ, the Shade7 Riviera:

  • is very easy to use – the handle is nice to wind up and down and tilting is smooth and easy
  • has a specifically designed canopy that ensures reliability and structural integrity
  • is made from quality fabrics (with a 10 year warranty)
  • is constructed of high performance fibreglass frames
  • has optional clip-on rechargeable LEDs for evening ambience
  • can be installed virtually anywhere – with fixings for wooden decks, concrete patios, in-ground installations, or free-standing with two sturdy base options
Shade7 Riviera Cantilever Umbrella Accessories
Shade7 Yellow Riviera Cantilever Umbrella - 3.5m Octagonal beside pool

Plus, as with any Shade7 umbrella, you won’t have to compromise on looks or functionality.

With the Riviera we believe you will find an unbeatable combination of sturdy construction, fine finishing, and clever sun protection features.

These outdoor umbrellas allow you to adapt to variable weather conditions while enabling a safe sun protection experience.

Could this be the perfect sun umbrella to enjoy your sunny NZ days outdoors?

Cantilever umbrella reviews from people who have one

Here at Sunshade, we regularly have customers from all around New Zealand rave about the Shade7 Riviera cantilever umbrella. Some common remarks include ones like this:

“This umbrella is such good quality – it looks amazing in my outdoor area and offers great protection from the sun!”

“It’s super easy to open and close, and it has been strong enough to withstand long days of high winds.”

Shade7’s own website includes 58 reviews from customers about the Riviera, all giving it a 5-star.

At Sunshade we take pride in offering our customers only the best cantilever umbrellas on the market. Hence why we choose Shade7.

If you would like to experience the quality for yourself, let us know.

Professional installation makes sense

Our professionals from Sunshade can help ensure that your Shade7 umbrella is installed safely and properly so that you won’t have to worry about any surprises down the track. Part of our service is to advise you on the appropriate base, fixings, and positioning for your property, so we get it right first time.

Adapting to the nuances of your property is no problem. We’ll listen to your needs and come up with clever solutions that pay attention to the details of your site.

We encourage you to use our experience in 10+ years installing these umbrellas, and support a local family business at the same time!

Shade7 Outdoor Umbrella in residential garden patio NZ

Are you in the market for a high performing outdoor umbrella?

At Sunshade we can walk you through the range of Shade7 umbrellas, each with special features designed to provide sun protection and outdoor ease.

With impressive designs, you can experience a fancy yet classic kiwi shade-shelter no matter where you are.

To truly get the perfect sun protection for your area, make an enquiry with one of our local expert installers.

Send us an enquiry, you won’t be disappointed!

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