Some of our favourite shade sail installations
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Some of our favourite shade sail installations

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- January 10, 2023

Shade sails have been around since the age of the Ancient Egyptians, and they’ve proven themselves to be one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your outdoor areas from the sun. Over the years we’ve been involved in many awesome shade projects, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites. 

Shade sails for an early childhood centre, schools and other educational institutions.

Bright shade sails protect play area from harsh UV rays

We’ve done a lot of shade sail installations for ECEs, including the one pictured above at Cumberland Kindergarten in Hamilton. This is the ideal location for a shade sail: close to the building, but offering a sun shade spanning over two different popular play areas. In keeping with the centre’s branding, the colours are bright and bold.

Shade sails create a safe and shady space for play, providing extremely high UV protection and shelter from the sun. Shade sails create a functional space that not only looks good but offers protection from the weather.

We also have continued to supply sun shelters to a number of schools to protect students from the sun.

Large Blue Sunshade NZ Shade sails providing shade over grassed areas for students at Taradale High School
Four large red outdoor Sunshade Shade Sails Wellington cover Tui Glen School Stokes Valley Playground Equipment

The first above is a large, sheltered outdoor space at Taradale High School in Hawke’s Bay where students can relax while they study or eat lunch.

The second is at Tui Glen School in Stokes Valley in Wellington where the shade sails shelter the junior student’s play equipment, picnic areas, and more!   A vibrant and practical cost-effective solution, both of which have great aesthetic appeal and add a contemporary feel to school buildings.

Shade sails for the community

Shade sails are an ideal solution for many types of businesses and organisations. You can find us working on shade sails for restaurants, and we also install shading systems for parks and recreational facilities such as community swimming pools, parks and playgrounds, marae, churches and picnic areas.

A shade sail is an easy-to-install alternative to a traditional pergola roof or solid structure because it requires no heavy machinery or complicated construction methods. The shades are made from lightweight materials that can be installed onto virtually any surface with little more than straps and ratchets. Some types of shade sails may require some additional support or bracketry, but they save time and come with minimal disruption to erect them.

Shade sail installation by Sunshade in the community - Marine Parade Napier
Shade sail in community pool area
  • The images above illustrate how two large installations create totally different shade solutions and cleverly complement their surroundings.
  • Our structures are PS1 compliant to ensure they can withstand all the elements.

Here are some of our favourite shade sail installations in New Zealand for private residences.

At Sunshade, we understand that your shade sails are more than just a place to chill out and enjoy the sun. They’re an investment in your home and lifestyle, and therefore deserve to be built to last.

Outdoor residential shade sail solution by Sunshade Wellington
Award winning - two shade sails covering outdoor seating area by pool by Sunshade NZ
Black modern outdoor shade sails by Sunshade NZ shades residential seating area

Above are some examples of how we’ve installed shade sails for private residential customers in New Zealand, including an award-winning Auckland installation (shown centre).

Because Sunshade Shade Sails are custom-made to fit the specific needs of each customer, they are extremely popular for private residences. No off-the-shelf here!

Shade sails also add a certain architectural design element to the home, and they come in a variety of colours to match your style.

At Sunshade our shade sails are designed using 3D software, ensuring that they meet your precise specifications. In addition, our system allows for a straightforward process as well as access to our local expert installers from the get-go.

Talk to us about your shade sail project

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the shading projects that we’ve been involved with. If you’re interested in installing shade sails on your property whether it’s for public or private use, please give us a call or message today!

We’d love to work with you.

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