Why choose NZ Made for your shade sail?
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Why choose NZ Made for your shade sail?

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- July 13, 2022

Shade sails have become increasingly popular over the last several years, and for good reason. They are visually appealing, incredibly efficient, and affordable when creating shade in an outdoor space – large, small, permanently, or temporarily.

With rising global temperatures having the right shade structure in place is becoming increasingly important. The right shade will make your outdoor space more comfortable while protecting you from the damaging effects of excessive UV exposure. A NZ-made shade sail is the best way to ensure a customised solution that fits your needs and our local conditions.

How you can ensure your shade sail is fit for the purpose

Residential shade sail solutions by Sunshade NZ - Two shade sails cover outdoor seating area with wooden table and bench seats

Understanding your outdoor environment and what sort of shade you are wanting to achieve is crucial to ensuring you get the best outcome.

Some key elements to consider are:  

  • Style – how the sail will look and its visual appeal, including colour and fabric choice.
  • Shape – traditional shapes such as triangles/rectangles or a custom shape based on your outdoor area.
  • Size – what level of coverage you require.
  • Number – will one sail be enough, or should you consider multiple?

The final piece of the puzzle is to be clear on what you are wanting to achieve with your sail. 

You may be looking to create an enticing outdoor space to spend time, extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture, or provide UV protection to your family, as examples. It is most likely that it will be some combination of these reasons, plus plenty more. 

Ultimately, a custom-made sail based on your unique requirements will ensure you leave your mark on your backyard far better compared to a mass-produced off-the-shelf product.

Why NZ-made is the best option for your shade sail 

Residential deck shade sail solutions by Sunshade


One of the many benefits of using a NZ-produced shade sail is that NZ manufacturers understand NZ conditions. In comparison, offshore products are often built with offshore conditions in mind.

Why does this matter?

Take the impacts of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light as an example. It is well known that too much exposure to UV light can increase your chances of skin cancer. NZ has been found to have up to 40% higher peak UV levels than levels in similar North American latitudes. 

With an awareness of this, NZ manufacturers actively source products and design solutions with the highest possible UV protection in mind. Factors taken into account will include the use of UV stable fabrics, specifically designed for Australasia and proven in NZ for 20 years. As well as this, ensuring that the material selected will have a warranty well beyond off-the-shelf alternatives (such as Sunshade’s ten-year UV warranty on Z16 and E32 fabrics).

End result

You would be hard-pressed to beat the quality of workmanship from NZ designers and fabricators, especially those based at Sunshade’s central facility in Hawke’s Bay. Local knowledge will ensure:

  • the best positioning of your sail,
  • your sail is designed and installed for NZ conditions and your site,
  • colours used will work best for your location and stay colour-fast for longer in NZ conditions.

After installation support

A local manufacturer will ensure your sail is expertly installed. They will consider everything from using marine grade fixings for locations in seaside areas to avoid rust, to long-term impacts on the rest of your property.

Not only this, but you will always have local back-up for scheduled maintenance and advice should you require it. Long-term support like this will ensure you continue to get the most out of your sail for years to come.

Support Local

It often goes without saying but purchasing NZ-made means you are supporting a local owner operator. Local businesses create jobs in our communities – keeping food on the table and a roof over the heads of people in our community.

Your investment in your shade sail will continue to be reinvested into your local economy. For example, local businesses are generous sponsors of local charities, clubs and events.

The team at Sunshade NZ

It’s time to choose NZ-made for your shade sail

Woman's two hands sew red custom made shade sails fabric by Sunshade NZ

Now that you’re clear on why NZ-made shade sails are the best option, it’s time to call in the experts.

The Sunshade team are here to support and guide you through each step of the process, from planning to fabric selection to installation and everything in between. 

Ready to explore how a NZ-made shade sail can benefit your outdoor space?
Contact us today to get started.

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